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At Tyson’s Transformational Technologies Academy (Tysons’s TTA), we are committed to ensuring that every youth enrolled at our school receives the highest level of education while reinforcing the concept of mentorship and accountability and promoting civic leadership and engagement.

Who We Serve

Tyson’s TTA is part of the Cognia Global Corporate Accredited School System through My Life My Power World Inc.

Our Commitment

We offer a unique approach to education as the first Emotional & Belief Intelligence Based School System in the Nation.

Our Curriculum

We incorporate a digital core curriculum with essential life skills programming and mentorship that serves students in grades 6th – 12th.

Making an impact


Tyson’s TTA is an extension of the Cognia Accredited MLMPI Preparatory Academy School System that services grades 6-12. The students will accelerate and complete their course work through a hybrid learning environment. This dynamic environment incorporates digital core curriculum, flexible scheduling, weekly mentors, vocational and career services, health/wellness programming, and infuses social emotional life skills programming daily.

The overall purpose and goal is to provide a System of Schools that combines a structured environment within a supportive atmosphere reinforcing the concepts of mentorship, accountability, significance in life while promoting civic leadership and engagement.



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